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    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Litigation, C.A.R. Mediation and Arbitration, Broker Disputes, and Easements

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    Serving the Legal Interests of Founders, Funders, Small Business Owners, and Traditional Corporate Clientele

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    Home Improvement Contracts, Mechanics Liens, Payment Disputes, and Construction Defect


Expect More From Your Attorney

We know that today's clients demand more from their attorneys for less. To meet that demand, we at Lowenthal strive to deliver efficient, predictable, and cost-effective legal services in a way that creates an unparalleled client experience. We have committed ourselves to internal processes that are designed to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and reduce overall cost to our clients. Our lean, organized and streamlined approach gives us the ability to effectively navigate the complexities of our clients' legal matters and litigation. The time and attention we are therefore able to devote to each client enables us to treat every case like it's our only case; and to us, every case is everything.