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Flat-Fee Real Estate Services for Sellers

Flat-Fee For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and Principal-to-Principal Real Estate Transactions

Sell a Home With the Aid of Attorney-Broker Justin Lowenthal and Save BIG

As the managing broker of a boutique real estate company in DavisAttorney-Broker Justin C. Lowenthal knows the value that a good real estate agent can bring to any deal. However, we, in many cases, hear our clients say, “but we don’t need a real estate agent.” The reasons vary but frankly, oftentimes they’re right. Our clients typically know that they need representation – they need to understand the process, obtain information, and make sure their rights and interests are protected. What they don’t need is a salesperson, open houses, or a bunch of strangers in their home. Most importantly, they don’t want to pay expensive real estate commissions. If this describes you, Lowenthal can help.

Our flat-fee real estate service model makes Lowenthal truly unique. When you hire our office, Justin offers you the essential services of an experienced real estate broker, plus the legal counsel of a savvy real estate lawyer – and you save money in the process! Selling a home with Lowenthal can be simple, and our fee structure is easy to comprehend. Here is how it works:

First, you procure the buyer and negotiate the purchase price. Once Lowenthal is retained as your legal counsel and broker, we will coordinate a plan for access to the property, which involves issues such as tenants, lockboxes, photography and, at the moment, COVID-19 precautions. Using C.A.R. forms and other industry-standard real estate resources, some of which will be shared with the buyer for your benefit, Lowenthal will handle all of the paperwork, assist you with seller disclosures, enforce the contractual timeline so escrow closes in a timely manner, and coordinate with the buyer (or buyer’s representative), the buyer’s lender, and the escrow holder (title company). Unlike a typical real estate agent, Lowenthal will only represent YOU in the transaction! There will be no dual agency.

Our fees are simple and transparent:

Amount of Fee: Earned:
$2,500 Upon all parties signing the purchase agreement
$5,000 Upon full contingency removal
$2,500 Upon close of escrow

If the transaction is cancelled, for whatever reason, only the earned fees will be charged. For example, if a buyer signs the purchase agreement, conducts inspections and determines he/she/they no longer wish to purchase the home and cancel, our fee will be $2,500. If that same buyer instead is satisfied with the inspections, qualifies for a loan, and the property appraises for at least the amount of the purchase price and the buyer removes their contingencies, our fee will be $7,500. If/when that same buyer closes escrow, our fee is a total of $10,000.

Various terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to discuss to schedule a free preliminary consultation to discuss your flat-fee real estate service needs.