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Flat-Fee Real Estate Services

Flat-Fee Real Estate Services

Buy a House With Lowenthal and Earn a Significant Cash Rebate

As the managing broker of a boutique real estate company in Davis, our Managing Attorney (and principal real estate attorney) Justin C. Lowenthal knows the value that a good real estate agent can bring to any deal. However, we, in many cases, hear our clients say, “but we don’t need a real estate agent”. Frankly, oftentimes they’re right. Our clients typically know that they need representation – they need to understand the process, obtain information, and make sure their rights and interests are protected. What they don’t need is a salesperson or access to listings. Most importantly, they don’t want to pay a higher price for their home because of expensive real estate commissions. If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

Our flat-fee real estate service model makes Lowenthal truly unique. When you hire Justin, we offer you the essential services of a savvy real estate broker, plus the legal counsel of an experienced lawyer – and you save money in the process! Buying a home with Lowenthal can be simple, and our fee structure is easy to comprehend. When we are engaged to represent a buyer, an initial administrative fee of $500 is paid in advance and the balance only becomes due if and when you successfully close on the purchase of a home. At closing, you will receive a rebate of the commission we receive from the seller less the balance of our flat fee.  For buyer’s using financing, the rebate is first applied to pay some or all your closing costs and prepaids. If there’s money left over it usually gets taken off of the sales price (we’d love to give cash back to the buyer after closing but most lenders won’t allow it!) Our fee, inclusive of the $500 administrative fee, is $6,500 plus 0.5% of the purchase price.

Examples of your savings:

Transaction value Typical Commission @ 2.5% Lowenthal’s Fee Max Buyer Rebate
$350,000 $8,750 $8,250 $500
$700,000 $17,500 $10,000 $7,500
$1,000,000 $25,000 $11,500 $13,500
$1,500,000 $37,500 $14,000 $23,500
$2,000,000 $50,000 $16,500 $33,500
$3,000,000 $75,000 $21,500 $53,500


Your role is to search online for homes that interest you. Once you do, we’ll get you in to see the house and take care of all the rest.  We include all the services you will need including:

  • Home tours– the first 15 hours of home tours are included, with as many more as you want at $95 per hour
  • Market research and value opinion
  • Experienced real estate attorney drafting and negotiating on your behalf
  • Title review and research
  • Advice and counsel regarding inspections, inspection reports, and seller disclosures
  • Negotiation of repair requests, if any
  • Attendance at the home inspection and appraisal
  • Transaction, loan, and escrow coordination
  • Review of closing documents, if desired
  • Negotiate purchase price reduction with Seller, if necessary, and provide settlement instructions to the escrow officer for your Buyer Rebate

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to discuss our flat-fee real estate services or schedule a complimentary consultation.