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Expungement of Mechanics Liens

Expungement (Release) of Mechanics Liens

Contractors and subcontractors can record mechanics liens against a piece of real property for work they do on that property. Although the lien automatically becomes invalid if the claimant does not foreclose within 90 days of recording, the lien will still appear on the title until it is released in writing or by court order. If the lien claimant does not release the lien upon request, the owner of the property may petition the court for a release order (also called expunging the lien). Alternatively, if the owner of the real property needs the lien removed immediately, possibly to sell or refinance the property, the owner can obtain release of the lien right away by recording a lien release bond, guaranteeing payment if the claimant later prevails in court.

Attorney Justin Lowenthal has worked with numerous homeowners, building owners, contractors, and laborers with respect to mechanics liens, and is available to help you understand your rights and select the most appropriate course of action with respect to your mechanics lien issue.

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