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Client Intake Form

Please Carefully Review the Following Information Before Submitting an Intake Form

The purpose of your initial conference is for the Lowenthal APC attorney to advise you, the client, what if anything, may be done for you, and what the minimum fee therefor will be. The purpose is not to render a definitive legal opinion, as it may be impossible to fully assess your matter within the time frame allotted for this conference or with the limited information or documents that you may be able to provide at the initial conference. 

One of three outcomes is possible following your consultation:

  1. You and the attorney mutually agree to the terms of representation;
  2. The attorney declines representation; or
  3. You decide not to use our services.

If, at the end of your conference, you wish to hire us as legal counsel, and the attorney agrees to represent you, we will send you an engagement agreement called an “Attorney-Client Fee Agreement” for you to review. The Agreement will set forth the terms and conditions of our representation, and must be signed and returned to us before we will begin representing you. If the attorney is willing to represent you, but you are unable to immediately return a signed copy of the engagement agreement to our office, we strongly urge you to schedule a second conference with the attorney at the earliest possible time or to immediately consult with other legal counsel to protect your rights.

If you decide not to hire us to represent you, or if the attorney does not agree to represent you, this includes not representing you with respect to the matter you describe in/on the following Client Intake Form, as well as all other matters you may discuss with the attorney before or during your conference. If your legal matter(s) involve a potential lawsuit, it is important that you realize a lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time to avoid a forfeiture of rights. Unless you meet the terms of our engagement, we will not provide you with continuing service or information with respect to statutes of limitation or any other time-sensitive matter. Therefore, we strongly urge you to immediately consult another attorney to protect your rights. Should the attorney elect not to represent you, our decision should not be taken by you as an expression of opinion regarding the merits of your case.

Please note the following prior to scheduling:

  • There may be a fee for your initial consultation. Please contact us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to discuss and arrange payment, if applicable.
  • A Client Intake Form must be completed at or before the time of your consultation.
  • Out of courtesy to our staff and each of our clients, if you are over 10 minutes late to your consultation, you may be asked to reschedule. If the attorney is able to adjust his or her schedule to accommodate you on the same day, you may be asked to wait until a later time.

Your submission below acknowledges only that you have read and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions of this initial conference, and does not mean you have hired Lowenthal APC for any matter other than this conference.

  • ARAG Legal Insurance Information (if applicable)
  • Please Briefly Describe Your Legal Matter
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • The relationship between attorney and client creates a fiduciary duty that limits the attorney’s ability to take on the representation of clients whose interests may be adverse to those of existing clients, former clients, the attorney, or the attorney’s firm. Conflicts of interest arise when an attorney’s performance of his or her duties is inhibited. Please help us avoid potential or actual conflicts of interest and provide us with information regarding any opposing or related party to the above-described matter.

  • Party No. 1
  • Party No. 2
  • Party No. 3
  • Supplemental Information
  • Disclaimer
  • Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your submission. In the event that we are representing a party with opposing interests to your own, we may have a duty to disclose any information you provide to our client.