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Justin Lowenthal


Justin is a problem-solver with a creative approach to complex deal-making and high-pressure dispute resolution. Client service, however, is the cornerstone of his practice … Read more ›

Marysia Okreglak

Of Counsel

Marysia has litigated hundreds of cases throughout California in both state and federal courts. Marysia joins Lowenthal after moving from the Bay Area in 2008 and settling in the Davis area … Read more ›

Deborah Stoeckle

Senior Paralegal

Deborah Stoeckle is a certified paralegal who enjoys working in various areas of law, but has a particular interest in real estate. Deb has worked in many leadership positions in executive offices … Read more ›


Alan Rooney


Alan Rooney is a U.S. Army Veteran who, after his Honorable Discharge, revisited his love for law and became a certified paralegal. His passion for the legal profession stems from a desire Read more ›