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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are a client-service focused law office. As a your attorney, we commit to provide you efficientpredictable, and cost-effective legal representation, employing the use of our legal savvy and business instincts to help further your interests. Client satisfaction is of paramount concern to our office, and the following is an overview of our commitment to you, the client, as your attorney.


To us, efficiency means accomplishing the job with a minimum expenditure of time and expense. To achieve efficiency, we will:

  • Assess your case early on in the process, before a significant expenditure of time and effort.
  • Gain an understanding of your needs, budget for legal services, and expectations up front.
  • Delegate tasks to paralegal staff when appropriate.
  • Look for creative solutions and litigation-alternatives whenever possible.


Predictability means knowing in advance what to expect – no surprises. To ensure predictability, we will:

  • Be up front about anticipated costs and legal fees.
  • Never raise our rates during your current legal matter(s).
  • Regularly update you about your legal matter, without your solicitation, and establish an open channel of communication so you can share your needs with us.
  • Discuss possible outcomes at various stages of your legal matter so you can plan for different scenarios.


To be “cost-effective” means to be effective relative to the cost of the services we are providing. To promote cost-effectiveness, we will:

  • Always present you with an advisable course of action during your Initial Consultation and thereafter.
  • Bill hours in real time whenever possible.
  • Offer fixed and alternate fee arrangements whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Use cutting-edge legal research technology to keep research and drafting time to a minimum.

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