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Career & Business Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our firm. We are always interested in working with top talent and exploring new business opportunities.

Lowenthal is a unique firm that combines some of the luxuries associated with virtual law practice with the amenities attorneys and their clients expect and depend on. At Lowenthal,

You Will Have a Flexible Schedule

Our attorneys are professionals and we treat them as such. Therefore, we encourage (and trust) our attorneys to work from any location that they or their clients desire when it is convenient. We maintain a beautiful brick-and-mortar office for those who wish to keep office hours or meet with clients in our conference room. Our cloud-based software stack makes it very easy to setup an office wherever you may be.

There Are No Billing Requirements

In the spirit of trusting our attorneys as professionals, there are no billing requirements at Lowenthal. Our attorneys are free to work as much or as little as they desire based on our simple formula-based compensation model.

Lowenthal Attorneys Are Well Paid

We have developed a system of practices and protocols supported by a unique software stack that allows our attorneys to work efficiently and effectively, thereby billing more hours with less time. Moreover, while most traditional law firms pay their attorneys between 30-50% of what the attorney collects on their work, our formula-based compensation structure allows the attorney to earn 40, 55, or even 70% of the fee. We have designed this unique compensation model to be fair, transparent, and universally applied, regardless of experience, hourly rate, number of billable hours, etc. Moreover, attorneys are rewarded for expanding our preexisting scope of practice, originating new clients or matters, and helping other attorneys in the firm.

If you are seeking a more rewarding way to practice law, please contact us to discuss your background and qualifications.