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Alan Rooney is a U.S. Army Veteran who, after his Honorable Discharge, revisited his love for law and became a certified paralegal. His passion for the legal profession stems from a desire to assist those in need. Alan prefers to listen rather than talk so he might understand those around him better, but is not afraid to speak up for the meek. He is a strong proponent of lifelong learning, and is continuing his education in hopes of attending law school. As a recipient of the Outstanding Student Award from MTI College, as well as graduating as a member of the President’s List, Alan shows great promise with his legal career. As a husband and father, his free time is dedicated to his young daughter and the promotion of strong family values. You can also find him in the kitchen creating a complex culinary concoction curated for his wife and daughter. (Or, more concisely, he likes to cook.)